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The Client Relationship

The Client Relationship

It’s all about trust and delivery – on both sides.

All our engagements are founded on agreeing common objectives and defining mutual goals. Both parties have to be comfortable in what is being done and for what purpose, and beyond that, who is responsible for what. Both parties must be flexible in nature and collaborative in style.

Our approach always starts with creating a “road map” that will be used as the reference guide to converting those objectives into delivered goals.

Whilst “the consultant” may be the main agent for moving any project forward, we firmly believe it is also our responsibility to ensure that the actual implementation phase is managed correctly.

It is also essential to understand that we will not accept any engagement that we regard as “out-of-scope” – we will not seek to deliver the undeliverable! If we feel that an assignment is beyond our expertise or resource capacity at that time, we will say so, respecting entirely any confidential disclosures made during the “discovery phase”; that said, this is a very rare occurrence.