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Process Improvement

Process Improvement
Some bodyshop businesses are suspicious of consultants; maybe on the grounds that no-one knows their business like they do. And that would be true. That said, no-one has all the answers – you don’t and we don’t! But perhaps, just perhaps, an amalgam of ideas and collaborative implementation could just lead to enhanced performance in your business.

And it’s not just about selling concepts: we offer tangible support to bodyshops from professionals with an extensive knowledge of business process improvement coupled with lengthy experience in the bodyshop and motor claims sector.

Businesses should also not be over-sensitive to ideas “not invented here”. We know you are intimate with your business. But does everybody do everything the best possible way every time? – clearly not.

Invite us to spend a day with you! We will produce you an “Operational Improvement Analysis” identifying the areas where we think improvements can be made, and what the potential commercial benefit may be to the business. It won’t cost you the earth [really it won’t], but be prepared to devote time to us on the day. And if you engage with us thereafter, the initial fee will be discounted over time.