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Motor Insurers

Motor Insurers
Managing the motor claims supply chain is a complex challenge. There are many participants to work with, all with differing requirements and expectations. Fusion has worked with companies in all stakeholder groups over the years, and possesses an intimate knowledge of the dynamics between them all.

In respect of network management, our depth of experience can be drawn upon to assist you in implementing creative solutions to meet your own corporate and financial objectives, but at the same time to bring you closer to your supply chain in a series of relationships founded on mutual benefit and trust. Not easy we know, but it can be done.

So when looking at those you rely on to deliver the wider claims solution – repairers, product suppliers, salvage companies, engineering, system houses etc. – perhaps you should consider engaging with a company that can add value to the desired outcome and help build a more profitable outcome for all concerned.

And let us not forget the arena of credit hire and credit repair. As the organisation chosen by the ABI GTA Joint Technical Committee to provide its auditing function, we have an intimate knowledge of how the interpretation of, and adherence or otherwise to the GTA can impact upon all those involved in this sector. There is no-one better placed to help you enhance your performance in respect of credit hire, and at the same time, helping you in improving relationships with the organisations you deal with.