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Consulting Services

Consulting Services
Whilst we bring extensive experience in automotive supply chain dynamics, our generic skills in areas such as business process management, business planning, marketing, organisational design, market analysis etc. ensure that we can fulfil your requirements. Even so, you need to be sure that bringing in a consultant is the right thing for you;

Why would you engage with a consultant?

Typically to deliver on a series of key business objectives where either the resource or depth of knowledge is not available, at the time in question at least, within the client’s organisation. Bringing in trusted expertise, often over a prescribed period of time, will ensure that those objectives can be met in a timely fashion without distracting the rest of the organisation from its day-to-day goals.

Isn’t it expensive using consultants?

Like most consultants, we usually charge a daily rate for our services, but the number of days to be consumed will typically be agreed at the outset to allow the client to have visibility of the quantum cost. That can then be aligned to the intended commercial benefit associated with successful delivery and a business case decision made.

This is where differentiating between cost and value is critical. Focusing just on the former will guarantee that the project will never get off the ground.

I could use one of my existing members of staff at a lower daily cost?

Yes, prima facie, you probably could. But, ask yourself these questions first:

  • if I divert resource to the project, what else will be left undone and at what cost?
  • will that internal member of staff have the trust and respect from his/her colleagues to lead the project successfully?
  • can you guarantee that internal distractions/prejudices would not impede the project?
  • have I assessed the true cost of diverting internal resource? – it’s often more than you think.
  • do my internal staff have the experience of working extensively with similar organisations, or indeed with other stakeholders in your business sector?

OK then, I could recruit somebody to manage the project?

Of course you could, but:

  • how sure are you that this person can do the job?
  • does he/she possess the demonstrable track record to be sure of success?
  • what happens to them when the project is completed?
  • do you want to create a balance sheet liability in respect of employment fixed costs?

Right, why should we turn to Fusion?

Successful consulting is founded on two principle components:

  • the experience and expertise of the consultant coupled with the ability to interpret the client’s needs fully and implement solutions to conclusion
  • the intimacy the client possesses about his/her own business sector and the clarity of vision when it comes to the objectives

Let’s be clear – no-one has a monopoly on all the right answers.

In short, despite the consultant being the “hired hand”, the relationship needs to highly collaborative and both parties need to be energetic in pursuit of the goals. It is not enough merely for a consultant to prescribe a solution and leave the client to deliver it alone; equally, it is not sufficient for the client to agree the objectives and expect the consultant to fully deliver without support and commitment from within the organisation.