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Some bodyshops manage compliance entirely in house; some do it superbly well….most don’t.

Many bodyshops do contract with third parties to maintain their records and documentation to satisfy several elements; there are of course the usual statutory and regulatory requirements, followed by audit requirements for vehicle manufacturers, insurers etc. Even, then not all is as it should be in many instances.

We visit hundreds of bodyshops every year. We see records, documentation etc. and know how hard it can be maintain everything.

That’s why Fusion has developed its own bespoke Global Compliance ManagementTM web-based platform to allow bodyshops access to all the correct, relevant advice and information when it comes to compliance. It also allows you to store information, documents etc. and utilise a dynamic diary system to make sure you remain compliant at all times – and be able to demonstrate it too!

What’s more, you can cross-reference your information and documents to BS10125, and also to a growing library of current VM Standards. And as we develop the functionality further, you will be able to share, subject to permissions, information and documentation to associated parties, e.g. VMs.

This really could be a “one stop shop” for your audit and compliance needs, and all for a modest monthly fee which includes regular on-site assistance from one of our client managers.